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Disaster Prevention Information for Foreign Residents

"My Evacuation Card"

This evacuation card contains information, precautions, personal data, etc. to enable foreign residents to properly evacuate when a disaster occurs.
Fold it up small and keep it with you at all times.

English    (PDF)
Chinese   (PDF)
Vietnamese (PDF)
Tagalog   (PDF)
Portuguese  (PDF)
Spanish   (PDF)
Korean    (PDF)
Nepalese   (PDF)
Thai      (PDF)

"Medical Handbook for Foreigners ~for use in daily situations and during disaster relief procedures~ "

This medical handbook introduces how to see a doctor, how to buy medicine, information about health insurance and medical expense, medical information during disasters, and so on.
It’s written in foreign languages and Japanese.

English    ( PDF  Electronic book )
Chinese   ( PDF  Electronic book )
Portuguese  ( PDF  Electronic book )
Spanish   ( PDF  Electronic book )
Filipino   ( PDF  Electronic book )
Vietnamese  ( PDF  Electronic book )

"Living Information & Guide Book for Foreigners" (Published by TIA)

The guidebook contains various necessary information for foreign residents living in the communities of Tochigi Prefecture such as emergency care, administrative procedures, daily living, medical services, education, and employment.

Portuguese ( PDF  Electronic book )
Spanish  ( PDF  Electronic book )
English   ( PDF  Electronic book )
Chinese  ( PDF  Electronic book )
Thai     ( PDF  Electronic book )
Tagalog  ( PDF  Electronic book )
Korean   ( PDF  Electronic book )

Disaster Prevention Map of Moka City (in 5 languages)

 Front (Useful information)
 Back (Flood hazard map)

Multilingual Brochure "Disaster Manual" (Published by Ibaraki International Association)

Leaflet "What will you do if an earthquake strikes? Are you prepared for disasters?" (Published by Shiga Intercultural Association for Globalization)



YouTube Animation "When an Earthquake Strikes – Cautions & Preparations" (Produced by Tokyo International Communication Committee)

Multilingual Disaster Prevention Brochure "PREPARE FOR EARTHQUAKES" (Published by Fukushima International Association)

Multilingual Disaster Prevention Video "It's an earthquake! What should I do?" (Produced by Sendai International Relations Association)

Part 1 "Let's Get Ready for an Earthquake"
Part 2 "What to do in an Earthquake"

"Disaster Prevention Guide for Children and Parents" (Published by Hyogo International Association)

※This is a guide book for children and parents to learn together about disaster prevention.

Are you prepared for disasters? (Published by Kanagawa International Foundation)

Illustrated Multilingual Disaster Preparedness Tip Sheets containing information on what to put in a bug-out-bag and emergency preparation articles. Those can be used for evacuation drills held in local community. Flyers are available in English, Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Disaster Prevention Information for Foreign Residents