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Human Resource Database

TIA has four kinds of human resource databases (called "Bank").

Translator Bank

Interpreter and Translator Registration System (Registration form: PDF WORD)

Host Family Bank

Registration System for Families who wish to receive a visit of guests from overseas. (Registration form: PDF WORD)

Foreign Culture Instructor Bank

Instructor Registration System for Education for International Understanding at classes and seminars facilitated by schools and institutions. (Registration form: PDF WORD)

Disaster Volunteer Bank

Registration System of Assistance for Foreigners at the time of disaster. (Registration form: PDF WORD)

[How to Register for Human Resource bank]

Registration forms are available at TIA reception desk.
Please bring the registration form with you.
We'll ask your career and others.

[How to Use Human Resource Bank Service]

If you need a dispatch of an interpreter or an instructor, please contact us at least 1 week in advance the day you need one.
it takes at least a week for translation, but it depends on pages and contents of the o.

The activities of the bank are based on the spirit of volunteerism, but please note that those are basically paid-for.

Human Resource Database