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Name Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Tochigi International Association (TIA)
Establishment October 1, 1988
Representative Director Chairman Shigeru MINOWA, Nobutoshi
Address Tochigi International Center, 9-14 Honcho, Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture
Tel. 028-621-0777 028-627-3399 (Consultation only) Fax 028-621-0951


March 26, 1954 Established as Tochigi Overseas Cooperation Association.
October 1, 1988 Received authorization of modification of endowment act from the Governor of Tochigi Prefecture, reorganized Tochigi Overseas Cooperation Association into Tochigi International Association.
January 23, 1990 Authorized by the Minister of Home Affairs as a Local International Exchange Association.
August 1, 1994 Authorized by the Governor of Tochigi Prefecture as a special public interest promotion corporation.
November 10, 1997 Set up Tochigi International Center.
April 1, 2011 Made a transfer registration to Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Tochigi International Association.

Basic Fund

298,000,000 yen


A Goal of this foundation is to contribute to build an internationalized and attractive society by building a multicultural society, promoting international exchange and international cooperation among the citizens in Tochigi prefecture, and raising international and cosmopolitan-minded people.


  1. Programs concerning the creation of a multicultural symbiosis society
  2. Programs concerning international exchange
  3. Programs concerning international cooperation
  4. Programs concerning international understanding
  5. Other programs necessary to fulfill the objectives

Administrative agency

Tochigi Prefecture

Office hours


Fixed holiday

Sunday, Monday, National Holidays, New Year Holidays (Dec.29~Jan.3)