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Site Policy


If you wish to make a link to the website run by Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Tochigi International Association (herein after referred to as "TIA"), please notify us in advance of your website URL, contents and contact information using the "Inquiry" input form. Please read, understand and agree to the following terms before using TIA's web site.

  • We recommend the top page (http://tia21.or.jp/) to be the hyperlink destination. Please note that if you put a link to a page other than the top page, the link may break off due to changes of the page configuration.
  • Please refrain from establishing links that display this website within the frame of another website.
  • Please note that if contents of the referrer website created for a purpose of offending or in a manner to offend public order and morals, we may ask you a deletion of the link.


All documents, photographs, etc. on this website are protected by the copyrights hold by TIA and contributors of the documents, photographs, etc. You may use the content on this website only as authorized by the Copyright Act such as downloading only for the purposes of private use. It is prohibited to copy or reproduce any information on this website without our permission unless it is intended for "personal use", "citation", and/or "other purposes allowed by copyright laws".


  • TIA is absolutely sure with accuracy of information placed in its homepage, but, TIA makes no guarantee as to all acts that a user performs using the information of TIA's homepage.
  • Please note that any content on this website may be subject to change or deletion without notice.
  • TIA dose not assume any responsibility for any reason for any damages that may occur to users or anyone else when accessing or using TIA's website.

Site Policy