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Supporting Membership

Please join our membership to support TIA's activities.

 There has been an increase in number of residents of foreign nationality or with roots in overseas in Tochigi Prefecture.
 The society where people with diverse values and cultural backgrounds recognizes the difference and develop a fifty-fifty relationship between them becomes an affluent and vibrant society.
 TIA is implementing various programs for Japanese to accept foreigners as a member of our society and for foreigners to adjust to living in Japanese society.
 TIA's activities are supported by your membership fees and donations.
 Your support power our activities, please join our membership.

Annual fee

Private membership Individual 3,000 yen
Group membership Nonprofit organization and nonprofit corporation 10,000 yen
Corporate membership Profitmaking corporation 30,000 yen

*We will send a membership card after you join.

How to become a supporting member

If you would like to join our supporting membership, please contact TIA. (TEL 028-621-0777)

Benefits of membership

Please look at TIA Supporting Membership Benefits.

Favorable tax treatment

TIA has been authorized as "Public Interest Incorporated Foundation." Therefore, any fees and donations made to TIA will be treated as payment to a "Special Public-Service Promotion foundation," and will be exempt tax.
Preferential tax treatment for individuals
Preferential tax treatment for corporation(Japanese only)