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Facility Guide

Facility guide (Application form for booking)


The first floor details

Office 38.88m2
Consultation Room A (Private room) 8.64m2
Exhibition Room 60.48m2
Lounge 114.48m2
Library 51.84m2
Office (Tochigi International Association) 99.72m2
Corner Office 38.52m2


The second floor details

International Exchange Room 52.56m2
Study Room (54 capacity) 105.12m2
Multipurpose Hall (84 capacity) 133.92m2
Consultation Room B (18 capacity) 33.83m2
Consultation Room C (18 capacity) 35.59m2
Meeting Room (36 capacity) 54.00m2


The third floor details

[Cultural Exchange Room] Japanese Style Room A・B, Cooking Room 108.24m2