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TIA Mobile Information Service (Multilingual Information by text messages)

We send various information concerning daily life, events, sightseeing and disaster prevention by text twice a month.
Registration is Free. Please take advantage of this information services.

[How to register]

Send a blank e-mail to the address of the language you want to subscribe

Japanese     tia21jpn@b.bme.jp
English      tia21eng@b.bme.jp
Chinese       tia21chn@b.bme.jp
Portuguese      tia21por@b.bme.jp
Spanish       tia21esp@b.bme.jp
Easy Japanese   tia21ysn@b.bme.jp

The registration will be completed when you receive a completion notice message from TIA.

*If you block incoming messages, please add tia21.eng.sd@tia21.or.jp to your safe list.

Update information

2020/08/07 TIA Mobile Information Service

Temporary Special Benefit for Single Parent Households of a Low Income
A temporary special benefit is supplied to single parent households with increased child rearing costs or decreased incomes due to the impact of COVID-19.
For more information, please inquire to the Call Center (0120-400-903 Mon.-Fri. 9:00-18:00) or to the “Temporary Special Benefit for Single Parent Households” in the city in which you live.
Labor Bureau information in PDF format:
https://www.mhlw.go.jp/content/11920000/000641466.pdf (Japanese)
https://www.mhlw.go.jp/content/11920000/000641490.pdf (English)
https://www.mhlw.go.jp/content/11920000/000641496.pdf (Chinese)
https://www.mhlw.go.jp/content/11920000/000641473.pdf (Spanish)
https://www.mhlw.go.jp/content/11920000/000641472.pdf (Portuguese)
https://www.mhlw.go.jp/content/11920000/000641476.pdf (vietnamese)

■Points on Infection Prevention When Shopping
Please be careful of the following 5 points to prevent infection when shopping.
①  Decide what products you will purchase before going shopping.
②  Choose a time frame when there are not many people. (Avoid shopping when crowded.)
③  Buy only the necessary amount of what you need when you need it.
④  When lining up at the cash register, keep away from other people.
⑤  Practice coughing etiquette, and wash and disinfect your hands before and after shopping.
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries information in PDF format:

“Coronavirus Hotline” for Foreign Residents
A “Coronavirus Hotline” is available for foreign residents living in Tochigi Prefecture.
Please call when concerned about infection.
・TEL: 028-678-8282 (Available 24 hours)
・Languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Tagalog, Nepali, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Malay, Burmese, Khmer, Mongolian, Sinhalese
Information in PDF format:http://tia21.or.jp/content/files/info/coronavirushotline.pdf

TIA Mobile Information Service (Multilingual Information by text messages)