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TIA Mobile Information Service (Multilingual Information by text messages)

We send various information concerning daily life, events, sightseeing and disaster prevention by text twice a month.
Registration is Free. Please take advantage of this information services.

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Send a blank e-mail to the address of the language you want to subscribe

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Update information

2017/05/12 TIA Mobile Information Service

■Festa my Utsunomiya 2017
 This is an event to celebrate Utsunomiya Citizen’s Day. There will be food booths and stage performances, etc. at various venues in the center of the city. There will also be a cultural exchange area.
Day/time: May 21 (Sun) 10:00 - 15:00 Free admission
Venue: Utsunomiya Castle Park, Orion Square, Banba Shimin Hiroba, etc. (In the area of Asahi 1-chome, Honmaru-cho, Utsunomiya-shi)
Inquiries: 028-632-2288 (Utsunomiya Citizen’s Day Executive Planning Committee Secretariat)
Website: http://www.city.utsunomiya.tochigi.jp/kurashi/oshiraselist/event/1002824.html

■What to do if a ballistic missile hits
A ballistic missile hits in relatively short time from the time it is launched. If there is a possibility that a missile may hit Japan, a J-alert will be used and a special siren sound via disaster prevention administrative radio will go off, as well as a messages being announced and emergency e-mails as well, providing notification of emergency information. When you hear a message, remain calm and quickly take action.
Civil Protection Portal Website: http://kokuminhogo.go.jp/
Prime Minister’s Official Residence Disaster Risk Management Information Twitter Account: Kantei_Saigai

 ■Part time job, etc. short term employment social insurance application expansion
Persons working short term, such as with part time jobs, can also enroll in social insurance under the following conditions.
Working at a company with 501 or more employees.
Working 20 hours or more per week.
Monthly wages of 88,000 yen or more, etc.
In addition, if the labor and management agree, it is possible to enroll if there are 500 employees or less from April 1 of this year. For more information, please contact TIA (028-627-3399).
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare leaflet:http://www.mhlw.go.jp/file/06-Seisakujouhou-12500000-Nenkinkyoku/0000162526.pdf (Japanese)



TIA Mobile Information Service (Multilingual Information by text messages)