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TIA Mobile Information Service (Multilingual Information by text messages)

We send various information concerning daily life, events, sightseeing and disaster prevention by text twice a month.
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Update information

2017/06/23 TIA Mobile Information Service

■Natural snow appears in the middle of summer! “Summer Snow Games”
The special event “Summer Snow Games” for families will take place for a limited 4 day period at the special event site at Okukinu Onsen. This is an event using snow that accumulated in the winter. Beginning around mid-March snow began being collected, and a large amount has been stored up. During the event you can enjoy summer snow games, such as “Mini snow sledding,” “Snowball strike out,” and “Watermelon splitting on the snow.” Yakisoba, cotton candy, shaved ice, etc. is also planning to be sold. The entrance fee is free.
Date/time: June 24 (Sat) & 25 (Sun), July 1 (Sat) & 2 (Sun) 10:00AM - 3:00PM ※Cancelled if it rains
Venue: Okukinu Onsen special event site (Registration: Meotobuchi parking lot) Kawamata 880-2, Nikko City 
Transportation: About 5 minutes by foot from Meotobuchi parking lot
(Train) About 120 minutes by Nikko City bus from Tobu Kinugawa Line Kinugawa Onsen Station
(Car) About 100 minutes from Nikko Utsunomiya Road Imaichi IC
Inquiries: Nikko City Tourism Association TEL: 0288-22-1525 
Advertisement: http://www.nikko-kankou.org/image.php?w=420&p=.&f=/db_img/cl_img/1117/main.jpg

■25th Basho no Sato “Kurobane Hydrangea Festival”
This event is held in conjunction with the blooming of around 6,000 hydrangea plants planted in Kurobane Castle Park and the vicinity, which is well-known as a flower park. You can appreciate the hydrangea flowers along the former moat from the bridge in the park. In addition there will be various events held, such as a Haiku poetry contest, photo contest, yukata-wearing trial workshop, etc., as well as booths set up to sell things. The hydrangeas will be lit up in the evening (7:00PM – 9:00PM), so you can enjoy them at night as well.
Time period: June 17 (Sat) – July 9 (Sun)
Venue: Kurobane Castle Park and the vicinity (Maeta, Otawara City)
(Train) About 35 minutes by Otawara City bus “Unganji Line” from JR Utsunomiya Line Nasushionobara Station
(Car) About 35 minutes from the Tohoku Expressway Nishi Nasnoshiobara IC
Inquiries: Otawara City Tourism Association TEL: 0287-54-1110

■Partial revision to overseas remittance tax exemption for dependents
Due to changes made in the tax system, starting January 1, 2016, when sending money overseas if you have multiple relatives living overseas who are applicable for tax exemption for dependents, documentation per each relative is necessary. If sending money to one representative, then only that one person may be recognized as a dependent. Therefore, the recipient of the specified bank account holder only will be recognized as a dependent. Please inquire to TIA (028-627-3399) regarding any questions to do with tax exemption for dependents, etc.


TIA Mobile Information Service (Multilingual Information by text messages)