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TIA Mobile Information Service (Multilingual Information by text messages)

We send various information concerning daily life, events, sightseeing and disaster prevention by text twice a month.
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Update information

2017/12/08  TIA Mobile Information Service

■The 13th Pageant of Light and Sound.
Pageant of Light and Sound, which is the seasonal tradition in Ohira, Tochigi city, and 13th this year, will be held. About 100,000 red and blue bulbs will be illuminated in the winter night sky. At the venue, Platz-Ohira, stage events that citizens can join will be also held, and experience-based illumination made by Tochigi Technical high school will be exhibited as well. Also on 22nd, “Christmas event” is scheduled.
Date: Dec.1 (Fri)~Jan.8 (Mon. national holiday) 17:00~23:00
Place: East exit of Shin-Ohira station (571-2 Tomita, Ohira town, Tochigi city),Platz-Ohira (558-11 Tomita, Ohira town, Tochigi city)
Traffic: (By train) Right next to the East exit of Shin-ohirashita station of Tobu Nikko Line
  (By car) About 20min. from Sanofujioka IC or Tochigi IC of Tohoku Expressway
Contact: Pageant of Light and Sound Committee  TEL 0282-43-9213

■Shiobara Onsen “Take-tori-monogatari”, The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter
At the center of Shiobara hot spring resort, Shiobara Onsen “Take-tori-monogatari” will be held and bamboo lanterns will be lined up, and fantastic lights will gently color the night hot spring resort. About 1000 bamboo lanterns are citizens’ hand-made and you can enjoy the atmosphere unique to Shiobara hot spring resort. During the event, free making experience of bamboo lanterns will be available.
Date & Time: Dec.23 (Sat. national holiday) ~ Feb.28 (Wed) 17:00~ 21:00
Place: Shiobara Onsen, Monzen Furu-machi Area (Nasushiobara city, Shiobara)
Traffic: (By train) About 42min. by JR bus bound for Shiobara Onsen from Nishinasuno station of JR Utsunomiya Line Or, about 65min. by JR bus bound for Shiobara Onsen from Nasushiobara station, Utsunomiya Line ・ JR Tohoku Shinkansen, and get off at  “Shiobara monzen”, about 2min. walk 
 (By car) About 20min. from Nishinasuno Shiobara IC of Tohoku Express way
Contact: Shiobara Onsen Tourist Association  TEL 0287-32-4000

■Do you know about Indefinite Conversion Rules?
Fixed-term contract employees may have the right to apply for Indefinite Conversion in April, Heisei30. Those who meet the next 3 conditions are eligible for that.
1. Your fixed-term contract periods are exceeding 5 years in total since April, Heisei 25.
2. You have renewed the contract at least once.
3. At this time, you keep the contract with the same employer.
Those who want to know more in detail, please feel free to contact “Consulting Dial for Foreign workers” (TEL 0570-001701)

TIA Mobile Information Service (Multilingual Information by text messages)